Activity: Trouble shooting different activities

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This is an activity for you to do in the classroom.
Who for?
Key stage 2 - England and Wales
Level 2 - Scotland
Who by?
This activity is for you to take, using the resources below.

Activity aims:

This activity provides a starting point for pupils to think about different activities that take place in National Parks and how they can sometimes conflict with each other.

Curriculum links (England):

  • QCA Geography Unit 12 (section 4) and Unit 20 (section 5 & 6). Role-play, consideration of the views of others, debate and resolving issues are all important parts of the day.
  • The activity also links to National Curriculum Geography - Enquiry and skills (1d and 2g) and Knowledge and understanding of environmental change (5a)
  • There are also aspects of the activity that have links to Citizenship Unit 10