Who for?
KS3 (Scotland Level 3) 

Who by?
This is an activity for you to take, using the materials provided below 

Activity aims:

How is farming on Dartmoor different to farming in the rest of Devon? How do farmers survive in harsh environmental and economic times? This geography enquiry will help your pupils understand some of the environmental and economic factors faced by upland farmers and the ways in which farmers have to respond in order to make a living. The relationship to landscape is explored briefly but could provide an extension or extended activity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To identify, understand and explain the challenging physical and economic factors which make farming so marginal on Dartmoor.
  • To understand the concept of diversification and direct marketing in relation to marginal farms on Dartmoor.
  • To identify, understand and explain, through analysis of a range of evidence, the main features of diversification and direct marketing on Brimpts Farm – a case study of a moor land farm.
  • To appreciate that for 5000 years the landscape of Dartmoor has been shaped by farming and that today over 90% of the land within the National Park is farmed and that maintaining farms as going concerns is essential to the environmental management of the National Park.

You will need:

  1. Teachers' scheme of work
  2. Photo cards for starter activity
  3. Climate table for comparison graph drawing
  4. Maps of altitude and rainfall


Indoors, Geography, Rural life, KS3