National Park Running Game

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Any circular route within South Downs National Park 

Who for?
KS2, KS3 (as an introductory activity), Scotland Level 2 & 3 

Who by?
To be delivered by yourself, using the materials listed below 

Activity aims:

The running game is a fantastic way of introducing the concept of special places to pupils. The orienteering style cards introduce fact-finding, map work and an understanding of what makes the South Downs a special place in a fun and active game that can be easily adapted to venues across the national park and/or school grounds.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand that the South Downs National Park is a special place
  • Be able to describe the special qualities of the South Downs National Park
  • Learn key facts about the National Park’s wildlife, landscape, economy, heritage and more
  • Discover for themselves what makes the South Downs a special place

You will need:

  1. Running game instructions
  2. Running game card template
  3. National Park in a nutshell graphic resource
  4. Special qualities roundel
  5. All of the above can be found by downloading this PDF file.
  6. Additionally, you will need: 
    1. Pencils
    2. Map of route to find cards
    3. Copies of answer sheet for each student
    4. Smartphones or tablets for extension activity (internet connection not required)


Conservation, History, Wildlife, Self-guided, Outdoors, Tourism and recreation, Geography, Rural life, National Park introduction