Our new logo

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What is the new logo for?

The new logo represents the UK's family of 15 National Parks.

National Parks logo.

What does the arrow represent?

The arrow part of our new logo represents how you interact with your National Parks. Getting outside and experiencing, exploring and enjoying them.

Why doesn't the logo include a feature such as a mountain, tree or river?

Your 15 National Parks are diverse and unique, so it's surprisingly difficult to find a landscape feature that represents them all. From the mountains of the Cairngorms, the wetlands of the Broads and the sea cliffs of Pembrokeshire Coast, it's not what those landscapes look like that's the same, but how they make you feel when you're in them.

The family of 15 National Parks in the UK

Why did you pick green?

Actually there are lots of different coloured versions of the logo, including ones toned to match individual National Parks branding when they use it. But, obviously, 'green' is a big part of what our National Park family is about.

What does it mean when an individual National Park uses the logo?

The logo represents that they are one of the UK's 15 National Parks. As a family we often work together so it is useful to have a logo that represents us all. Each National Park is run by its own individual authority, they are not run by National Parks UK.

How much did the new logo cost?

The new logo was produced by design agency We Do Fruition as pro bono work for National Parks UK. We are very grateful to them for giving us their time and expertise for no charge, and are really pleased with the logo and design work they've produced.