Activity: Water skiiing role play

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This is an activity for you to do in the classroom.
Who for?
Key stage 2 - England and Wales
Level 2 - Scotland
Who by?
This activity is for you to take, using the resources below.

Activity aims:

Children explaining their characters views in a role play excercise in the classroom

This activity provides opportunities for students to explore a local issue using basic facilitation/decision-making techniques.In this pack you will find all you need to run a decision-making session with your class. The activity takes about 1.5 hours to run and is based on an application to build a water ski centre at Bottoms Reservoir in the Peak District National Park.

The pupils will take on the role of one the groups interested in the development, with the outcome being some consensus of how the development could take place.

  • Pupils will have the opportunity to consider a real planning issue first hand.
  • Pupils will have an opportunity to explore the differing views that people may have of a local issue.
  • Pupils will have an opportunity to use facilitation methods to explore ways in which local planning issues can be solved.
  • Pupils will have an opportunity to work together in a variety of different ways.

Curriculum links (England):

  • QCA Geography Unit 12 (section 4) and Unit 20 (section 5 & 6). Role-play, consideration of the views of others, debate and resolving issues are all important parts of the day.
  • The activity also links to National Curriculum Geography - Enquiry and skills (1d and 2g) and Knowledge and understanding of environmental change (5a)
  • There are also aspects of the activity that have links to Citizenship Unit 10