Lizzy the Lizard’s Bog Disaster

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Who for?
KS2, Scotland Level 2 

Who by?
To be delivered by yourself using the materials listed below 

Activity aims:

This activity is a short in-class assembly or introduction to the special moorland habitat of Peak District National Park. This would be an ideal introduction before a visit out to a national park with moorland habitat or as part of a habitats topic. There are also follow up activities available that can be carried out in class or used in the field to make this in to a full lesson.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Introduction to moorland habitat and the species it supports
  • Introduction to the human impacts on this habitat
  • Understand what makes this habitat unique and special

You will need:

  1. PowerPoint presentation
  2. Lizzy the Lizard's story, (featuring teacher's notes and follow-up ideas)


Indoors, Conservation, Wildlife, Self-guided, KS2, Conflicts and solutions