Classroom or Broads National Park

Who for?
KS4, KS5 

Who by?
To delivered by yourself using materials listed below or to be presented by members of the Broads National Park education team

Activity aims:

Climate change is a big issue that is immediate and relevant. This activity gives you a structure to think about climate change with your group and asks young people to think about the future as a real place we’re going to reach. And it’s not all gloom and doom

Learning outcomes:

  • How climate change will affect us – in more ways than you think
  • How to look for opportunities even in the worst situations
  • How to think about hazards and risks
  • How to work together to solve problems and get creative

You will need:

  1. Description sheet
  2. Facilitator's plan and notes
  3. Participants' material
  4. Climate Change and the Broads PowerPoint presentation
  5. Biodiversity PowerPoint presentation


Guides, Indoors, Conservation, Sustainability, Outdoors, Tourism and recreation, Climate change