Good or bad for New Forest ponies

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Classroom or any open space. Activity works well outdoors in the context of New Forest National Park habitats.

Who for?

Who by?
Delivered by yourself, using the materials below

Activity aims:

Do you know what New Forest ponies can eat? You might be surprised which prickly greens they prefer. This activity is a good starting point to discuss animals' adaptations and behaviour or to discuss responsible tourism when visiting the New Forest.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what New Forest ponies eat to survive
  • Discover the adaptations for New Forest ponies
  • Discuss responsible behaviour around wild animals.

You will need:

  1. Teacher's notes
  2. Architects of the New Forest follow-up activity
  3. Download PUB file from New Forest National Park website


Guided, Indoors, Conservation, Sustainability, Wildlife, Self-guided, Outdoors, Tourism and Recreation, Geography, KS2, Conflicts and solutions, Rural life