Barton on Sea, or any shingle and pebble beach 

Who for?

Who by?
To be delivered by New Forest National Park staff, or yourself using the resources listed below 

Activity aims:

Indulge your natural sense of exploration on the beach by collecting pebbles and recording sound effects. This activity uses the intuitive games that pupils and adults alike will want to play when exploring the beach for the first (or 20th) time while helping to embed learning about abrasion, attrition, and other processes of coastal change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Estimate the volume of different beach materials and the energy needed to move and lift them.
  • Discover that shingle is made from mixed materials (rock types, shells, man-made etc.) which have varying degrees of hardness.
  • That harder rocks abrade softer rocks creating shingle and pebbles of varying sizes.

What you will need:

  1. The Path of a Pebble teacher's notes
  2. Blank postcard-sized plain card
  3. Coloured pencils
  4. Aerial photos of your coastal site from Google Earth, showing two different time periods


Guided, Self-guided, Outdoors, Geography, KS2