A tributary of the River Esk, near Danby in North York Moors National Park. Best setting is a small river with normal river level well below wellies depth, with easy access to at least three sites.

Who for?
KS3 (Scotland Level 3)

Who by?
This activity is led by the North York Moors Education Service: 01439 772700 


An opportunity to practise fieldwork techniques and collect data from up to 3 sites in the River Esk catchment in the North York Moors. Includes measurement of channel width, depth, velocity, bed load, gradient. Can also include kick sampling for freshwater invertebrates and interpretation of results to assess water quality. Half day or full day led by National Park Leaders.

More information on this activity can be found on the North York Moors website.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use appropriate field equipment and techniques to collect accurate and reliable data
  • Understand how rivers erode, transport and deposit material and form recognised landscape features
  • Explain how some variables may change from source to mouth

You will need:

  1. Investigating the River Esk pdf
  2. Additional information about rivers in the North York Moors
  3. Wellies and appropriate clothing


Outdoors, Field techniques, geography