Activity: Climate change challenge

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This is an activity for you to lead during a visit to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, or in the classroom using the internet.
Who for?
GCSE, A Level, FE and HE - England and Wales
Who by?
This activity is for you to take, using the resources below.

Activity aims:

The resources for this case study can be adapted to suit the age and curriculum needs of each student.

In this activity students will learn about the effects of climate change on a National Park and the important habitats and biodiversity these special places provide. The activity can be adapted to a visit to your nearest Naitonal Park.

Students will learn about the causes of climate change and its effects on the National Park's:

  • water and rivers
  • biodiversity
  • agriculture
  • buildings and heritage

They will also learn about the work being carried out to combat the effects of climate change including:

  • projects funded by the Sustainable Development Fund
  • making the National Park's headquarters building as green as possible
  • green tourism and green living initiatives
  • work to restore woodlands
  • work to restore peatlands

What you will need:

  1. Paper and pens for making field notes
  2. PDF document with all climate change information to download here:

For classroom activity:

Curriculum links (England and Wales):

Subject area(s): geography KS 3/4

  • How the interaction of the physical and human dimensions of the environment interact to produce environmental change
  • The impact of sustainable development on climate change
  • How to plan for and manage the impact of interactions between people and the environment

Subject area(s): science KS 3/4

  • Human activity can lead to changes in the environment
  • Communication and interpretation of scientific ideas

Subject area(s): citizenship KS 3/4

  • Critical thinking and enquiry