This activity is at the Dales Countryside Museum, Yorkshire Dales National Park
Who for?
Key stage 2 and 3 - England and Wales
Level 2 and 3 - Scotland
Who by?
This activity is lead by the education team at the museum

Activity aims:

A hands-on, interactive handling session, using artefacts and archives. Presents students with a creative historical challenge which stimulates cooperative enquiry, investigation and evaluation through creative thought - our sessions provide pupils with the opportunity to work together to solve problems.

Students will learn about:

  • The special qualities of the National Park are fragile and vulnerable.
  • Museum object handling
  • Problem solving.

What you will need:

Contact the museum, who will provide everything you need.

Dales Countryside Museum
Tel: 01969 666210
Email: dcm@yorkshiredales.org.uk

Curriculum links (England):

  • KS2 History: Victorians; historical interpretation and enquiry.
  • KS3 History: Britain 1500 – 1750; historical interpretation and enquiry