Activity: Landscape Detectives

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Muir of Dinnet NNR in Aberdeenshire. Or any landscape where there are defining features in the background, foreground and middle distance. Could take place indoors if digital images of the preferred landscape can be taken, and from it an outline landscape provided for students to complete

Who for?
Level 3 (Scotland)

Who by?
This activity is for teachers, rangers and / or group leaders to use

Activity aims: 

This activity involves investigating a grid square on an OS Map, identifying and describing different landscape types within it. Through field sketching at a chosen site, pupils are encouraged to compare and present perceptions of landscape and land use before and after their visit.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improve observation skills
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of the natural environment of the Cairngorms National Park     
  • Describe and explore environmental change and land use conflicts
  • Carry out field sketching of landscape within Muir of Dinnet NNR

You will need:

  • Page 20 of Muir of Dennet NNR Education Pack
  • Photocopy of grid square (enlarged) and Ordnance Survey key
  • Compass
  • Sketching sheet, clipboard, pencil and eraser
  • Digital camera (optional)