Who for?
KS 2 & 3 for England and Wales and Levels 2 & 3 for Scotland

Who by?
This activity is to be delivered by yourself, using the materials listed below. 
Getting the school D of E leader/staff/parent mountaineer/local mountain rescue group into school to show what they carry in their rucksack adds value to the exercise. A rescue incident can be attempted at the school with a group of 'rescuers' having to find their casualty on the grounds.

Activity aims:

Can you be a mountain rescuer? Did you know that most call-outs to incidents involve walkers that are not injured? All mountain rescue incidents on Snowdon for 2012 are shown on an interactive map. Activities raise awareness of the accident hotspots and the main reasons for call outs. Students can coordinate a rescue and write a blog/tweet about it to the press.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understading of pressure on rural areas
  • Map reading skills
  • Independant enquiry
  • Creative and critical thinking

You will need:

  1. Interactive map (Ar gael yn Gymraeg)
  2. Power point presentation (Cliciwch yma am fersiwn Cymraeg)
  3. Links to Llanberis Mountain Rescue team
  4. Computer, iPad, or interactive whiteboard
  5. Printout of 'Rescue on Snowdon' pack (Cliciwch yma am fersiwn Cymraeg)