Outdoors in a flat area, or possibly indoors in a large hall 

Who for?

Who by?
This activity is to be delivered by yourself, using the materials listed below 

Activity aims:

This is a fun-filled run-around activity that will get a class of pupils thinking on their feet! Can they stay safe and still gather enough food to live? What environmental factors might affect their habitat and chances of survival? Minimal resources are required to play a game that will promote understanding and further discussion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To know what a habitat is and what it provides
  • To learn about food chains and biodiversity
  • To show the rich biodiversity in Brecon Beacons National Park

You will need

  1. Game instructions
  2. Photo of a vole
  3. Photo of a barn owl
  4. Red and blue bands
  5. Milk bottle tops (mostly green/blue with some variety of colours)


Indoors, Conservation, Sustainability, History, Wildlife, Outdoors, Tourism and recreation, Geography, Conflicts and solutions, Rural life, National Park introduction, Climate change