Special qualities in Northumberland

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10 reasons why Northumberland is a special place...

Walks along long ridges, giving far views of moors and valleys, and a sense of solitude means this 'land of far horizons' is a very special place...

  • The landscape is ancient - and includes remains from the Stone Age, 7,000 years ago, and medieval buildings which illustrate this border country's history.
  • The park is home to a World Heritage site - Hadrian's Wall - it's a stunning example of the dramatic legacy the Roman Empire left in the area.
  • The community in the park has deep roots - and the cultural identity of the local people is reflected in their speech, traditions, folklore, knowledge and skills.
  • The Cheviot Hills are home to ancient hill forts and pure rivers - and a landscape that even today seems barely touched by human intrusion.
  • People come here to be inspired and to seek spiritual refreshment - those tranquil views and far horizons are good for the soul.
  • The valleys of the North Tyne and Redesdale were once home of the Border Reivers - the wild landscape now supports habitats suitable for rare species such as red squirrel.
  • It's an area rich in biodiversity - Northumberland National Park boasts a wide range of other rare or important species and habitats, for example curlew.
  • The park offers a diverse landscape - from upland rivers and burns to ancient woodlands, upland hay meadows to blanket bogs and heather moorland.
  • Extensive areas of the national park have been designated for their international importance for nature conservation such as Special Areas of Conservation and Ramsar sites.
  • It's a geologically important landscape, too - there are five Sites of Special Scientific Interest designated for their geological importance, from the Cheviot volcanic and glacial features in the north to the Whin Sill intrusion and escarpments in the south.

Keeping it special - the role of the Authority